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Low volume coming from speakers.

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  • Low volume coming from speakers.

    Ok, my stock headunit has no inputs besides an input (harness connector) for a cd changer. So I had to buy a thing called a PIE interface. Basically I hook the PIE interface into the back of my HU and then use a Y cable to turn the 2 RCA inputs on the PIE into a single input that computers use and then hook my computer to that.

    So anyway, when I play music thru my carputer, the volume is very low. Usually when Im playing my cd or radio i have the volume at 13 for a nice level.

    When I play my carputer audio, i need to crank it up to like 27.

    NOW i know, i have searched. And what I came up with is people who CANT even hear the audio and people tell them they need an amo. Now would that be the same for me even though I can HEAR the audio, I just need to turn the volume up a lot. I thought maybe my way of getting the audio into the HU was cuasing the drop in volume.

    Do you guys think an amp would solve my problem too? And if so, what size should i get?

    PS, im using the built in soundcard on my Via 800 Mobo. Could that be the culprit?
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    You need an amp or a premp
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      Originally posted by antimatter
      You need an amp or a premp
      That doesnt make any sense. If he is getting respectable amount of sound out of the headunit with normal radio and cd play, but not when he has the computer hooked up, then it has to do with the computer or the computer to hu hookup method. inserting an amp into this equation will make everything louder including the already normal level of the headunit.

      Jim, have you checked the volume levels in windows? check both the main volume and the WAVE volume. Set your headunit to where you normally have it and then adjust the windows volume sliders till it sounds about right. Then everything will match up.
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        every volume thing is up 100% and the volume thru my speakers are still the same. Can anyone else verify or debuke the idea that I DO need an amp.
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          What you need is probably a line driver to boost the preamp signal from the PC before the Aux adapter. I'm sure you've already gone through the audio properties and made sure everything was maxed out. I had a similar problem with my FM modulator in my Toyota, when I put the PC in the new truck with an Aux adapter I had no volume issues at all. It's possible you got a bad adapter also but the only way to verify that would be to swap it out which could prove to be costly. I'd bet the line driver will cure the problem. You don't need an amp if you're happy with the volume of everything else, it's an input problem, not an output problem.