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USB Serial Port Adapter Troubles

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  • USB Serial Port Adapter Troubles

    I bought a USB to serial adapter so I could use my handheld GPS unit on my pc through the serial port. However, it's been causing some problems. It works in that my PC recognizes it as a Com port. However, if I plug my gps into the adapter, open up Mappoint2k4 or Netstumbler and try to open up the gps com port, my machine BSODs on me and reboots before I can read the first word of it. After hours of fustration, I finally figured out that the GPS would only initialize correctly if I plug the GPS into the serial port after I have Mappoint or Netstumbler opened up. This is very annoying because every time I want to use my GPS I can't just leave it plugged it or else for some reason the blue screen of death comes up.

    One other thing I noticed is I can't leave the gps plugged into a serial port while my machine boots or else XP recognizes the NMEA data as a serial mouse and when I get into windows the cursor is going spastic. This happens on any other XP machine I use with a serial port though. My main problem is the BSODs I get if I plug in the GPS before opening up a program. Any ideas to fix this or the XP problem?