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Interesting article on carpc's

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  • Interesting article on carpc's

    and no mention (unless i missed it) of
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    I did in another thread this morning
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      Bastards... New Hobby...

      How long has mp3car been online?

      Try RevFE
      The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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        I think I read somewhere that this site has been online since about 1999, to support the company, then interest started to fade a bit, however the forums remained for support & relatively recently, interest sparked up again...Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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          close it was started around mid 98 i believe.. and there were some projects before then that were in dos or linux
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            i have to say, that is some weak setup... if they think that setup would make them jealous... wait till they see our pros right in here. Someone should contact them and show just how crappy that setup was.

            Just don't show them wirelessprelude setup...


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              I'm watching the vid right now

              "A car runs on 12 volts"

              It doesn't. It goes up to 14.4v when the engine is on.

              "I fabricated the box, painted it, and mounted it on the dash.."

              LOL. very professional
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                Wow. He even has a adapter to get the sound into his OEM sound system. He must be a genius.

                I wanna meet the camera operator. He seems to be a REAL brainchild....

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                  S60 Install


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                    This guy seems so arrogant. I would stay majority of the setups here are better than his.

                    He said "I made alot of mistakes".

                    Now if he was a member here he would have learned from other people.
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                      I saw this too...and laughed really hard at it. sad sad sad. he's getting the press cause he's part of M$.
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                        God, this guy's voice just ****es me off... not to mention that he works for Microsoft and loves all their products.


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                          incredible project

                          *arrogant laugh*
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                            the beginning totally looks like a porn
                            I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.



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                              was it just my eyes or did he use a "painted black ""BOX"" to house his xenarc
                              this man is truly brilliant (insert sarcasm here)