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Not coming out of Hibernation (Intermittently)

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  • Not coming out of Hibernation (Intermittently)

    Ok this is an odd one I think. Running Windows 2000 on an Epia V8000 with 512MB and an Opus 90W. So here's the situation: I've got the Opus set to Hibernate 20 Minutes after the vehicle shuts off, I have Hibernation enabled in Windows 2000 and Hibernation enabled under action taken when Power button is pushed in Windows. BIOS is set so suspend mode is S1&S3. I shut the Truck off and come back an hour later start the truck up and everything turns on, fans spin up etc, but no beep from motherboard, no VGA signal, no nothing. Disconnecting power from the motherboard or Opus has no effect on this problem, does the same thing when power is reapplied. If I leave it more than a couple hours it snaps out of hibernation no problem. Also, tried rebooting this morning when it resumed because my T/S wasn't responding and it locked up solid had to disconnect power from it, when I plugged it back in it worked fine. Still having the hibernation issue though. So now my question is is it a Windows issue since rebooting results in locking up solid or is it a hardware issue since I'm not getting any beep code at all when it powers up? Anyone have any ideas on this, I'm stumped. Been through every BIOS setting and can't find anything out of whack, It's driving me nuts.