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  • need help

    here i my mp3 set up
    i put together a mp3 player out of a old 486
    im running windows 98 with winamp
    i have a lcd dislpay
    cd rom
    i put a 7 band 60 watt equalizer/amplifer
    and a logitec mouse remote

    here is my problem
    the cds that have my music on them are in folders by band names
    the auto playlist loader plug-in that winamp uses loads the first floder only and i have no way of loadding a new folder by remote
    i always have to re hook my moniter
    use the mouse to load a new folder
    is there better way to load a new folder
    because if i put all the songs on the cd
    without folders it takes too long to generate a playlist and my player cant handle that???

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    DIR /s /b d:\*.*mp3 > filelist.m3u

    This line can be inserted into a batch file to create a simple playlist of all mp3 files in a directory and sub directories.

    I hope this helps


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      i could do that with a plug-in what i want to do is load a dir that i choose by remote
      not the whole cd just think of it as a mp3 music changer i.e. you put your mp3 cd in and you have to scroll through your dirs for the right album to play


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        I beleive there is a winamp plugin that does something like that. you maight want to look in the software forum for more info.


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          i have looked and the best tha i could find is one that loads all of your dirs that have mp3s to the tool bar and loads the first dir of mp3s to the play list and one that auto plays the mp3s in your playlist but with a remote i cant change dirs i always have to re-hook my moniter to change dirs that is my prob