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can anyone help?

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  • can anyone help?

    this request isnt really carputer related but i htought u guys could help me out.
    i have a lot of mp3s on my computer and wanted to do osomething a bit different so i was gona buy a small shuttle pc and screen to put in my bedroom and run it through an amp and car components now what i need to know is there any way of gettin an amp to run off of a mains power supply???

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    You'd have to have a 12v power supply plugged into AC. These can be easily found, usually, at Radio Shack or mail ordered from any electronics distributor.

    Its usually recommended to get at least a 2 amp PSU but that's based on what you have. If the new fangled Radio Shack doesn't have them, I'd highly recommend mail order.
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      maybe i shouldave mentioned i live in the UK we dont have radio shack out here at least i donmt think we do i never seen one, and gettin a 12 volt power supply would enable me to run a car amp off of the mains in my house