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  • Security?

    Has anyone taken any security measures to protect their player. Is there anything you can do to disable the player if it is stolen?
    Maybe a program that whenever the computer is logged onto the internet it sends it's IP address to a server, that IP could be used for tracking? There are USB fingerprint scanners, and card swipers, supposedly pretty cheap. All comments welcome.

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    ive heard of someone haveing a camera in the car pointing where the drivers head would be and everytime the car starts it takes a picture conects to the internet and uploads a picture to a ftp server so the owner can get a picture of the crim

    sounds way over the top to me but thats life

    im happy with my central locking, alarm, engine imobiliser

    donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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      I pay an extra fee to my insurance company so if the car is stolen, I get something to aleviate my sorrow.

      But if just the equipment is robbed, I guess I can only %/&/(%&%"$%!" them. (Happened three days back, *sigh*)...

      My next one will be bolted to the car with allen screws... Perhaps a siren underneath so if it gets "unearthed" fires... mmmmhh.

      Hey wait a minute, what about making a little device with a rechargeable battery, that when you unearth the box kicks in, sounding an audible alarm that makes very much noise if you don't unplug cables in certain order? Those cables would do nothing to the MP3 setup.

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        If someone steals my player after like a year of work Im going to be pist. Im not sure if its covered under my car stereo