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  • MP3 Car Gallery (Sites Needed)

    I want to start a MP3Car gallery on my site so that my friends and family don't think I am the only one doing this. I think that Mp3Car.Com is AWESOME! I want to have a place where people can see all the stuff that I have come accross on the net (links not content). I am going to host my own site so that if you want space I may have that option as well. I am going to need some web help also if anyone is interested. I should say now that I work for Microsoft in the Developer Support department and I will reward any co-webmasters with free software. I don't want to start any flame wars about Microsoft. I am just stating the fact so you know why the site is called The site is down right now why I am reworking it and I hope to have it up later today.

    I have gotten a TON of good information on this site and I hope that I have helped a few people. If you want to help I would greatly appreciate it and if not please send me your links so that I can post them.

    The sites will me sorted based on completion level, detatil level and other categories as well as documentation level so that people looking for information can find what they are looking for.



    Check out:

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    just link to the gallery on this site.

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      I'm willing to help out as a webmaster
      Email me.


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        Hey I'm all for the free flow of informaiton to help others.

        I must add, it looks like your sight is down a lot, thats not to impressive. you work for microsoft, but cant find a "real" server to host your sight on..... you can get page hosting for next to nothing these days.
        Take up a colletion, get a real server.

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          Check your email. I just sent you a year's worth of mp3 sites......

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