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carputer install: I dare you...

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  • carputer install: I dare you...

    i've started reading this forum (for 6 curious months) and I have to say im actually dreading installing the thing for the first few time given the number of horror stories on this forum. I'm waiting for the screen and have spent considerable money at this point so failure mustn't be an option.

    I'd like to call out to all carputer owners who can say 'I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for x number of months'

    No opus started winking at me, lilliput put on a face, windows ****ed on my seats or the via poohed in its own case

    Who has done it and is living the dream. A carputer that works and has been working for a while. Does such a thing even exist?

    With so many separate devices all running together I'd imagine the likelyhood of reliable harmonious operation is small. so please prove me wrong. And if I'm right why do we do it? is there somthing wrong with carputer people? are they mentle? do they wake up in the morning and think carputer? do they walk into an electronics strore and find it difficult not to start thinking about carputer? does their woman hate carputer (cause it dosn't work)? do they not have a woman because of carputer? do they care (they have carputer after all)? do they find it hard to listen to other people in the car for thinking about carputer?do they check frodoplayer sub-forum hourly for a new release? when carputer is finished are they in denial and say 'carputer is never finished'? is carputer ever finished?

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    My set up has evolved over time and had a few hicups, (when I change stuff, and nothing bad)

    My PS always works, The screen is great. The keypad is fine. I have a simple set up:
    Celeron 300a integrated MB, Desktop HD, a keypad and 14 inch LCD desktop. I only play music and use W2k as an OS.
    My deck has RCA AUX in so that is simple also.

    Parts of the system have been in use for more than 4 years, no PC hardware failures. The drive has the longest service time.
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!


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      Know how you feel. My video-out stopped working, touch-screen died, DVD drive fried but honesty its about preserverance on this one. You have to stick it with it.

      VIA Nehemiah M10000, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD
      100W DC PS /w ITPS, TV tuner, Slim Slot-Load DVD
      GPS, Streets and Trips 2004, Rearview Camera
      Bluetooth, 802.11b & CDMA 1X
      In-dash 7in Lilliput Touchscreen


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        i had my system up for 5 months now, i had some problems but nothing that i would consider bad. i am running a regular 5.25 hard drive with a inverter and a shutdown controller ,no problems with the drive or the inverter, the only thing i added to the inverter was a surge protector with EMI protection between my pc and the inverter to eliminate a tiny noise problem ,it is now noise free 100% and sounds fantastic .
        10.5 lcd touchscreen ,shuttle XPC,AMD +2100, 512 DDR, 120 GB drive ,slot dvd,Dashwerks shutdown controller,GPS, XM Direct


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          as of a month ago i put everything in in a weekend. so far its working great. ive done a lot of stuff to my truck and car (new engine, 2 lifts, starter...) so i know how things usually go. But this has probably been one of the smoothest mods ive done. i can say ive had almost no problems. im using an inverter, xenarc 700sv touchscreen, western digital 13.6gb p4 1.5 w/ some full size mobo, gps, and a keyboard in the visor; all running with frodoplayer (thanks frodo). this was a glove box install so its not like i had a lot of room to work with either. take that for what its worth though and good luck.


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            5 months straight with nothing but maybe 2 or 3 faulty resume-from-hibernations
            mobo $130 ; 150wOpus-$200 ; 256mb pc2700 -$10 ; 120gb HDD 7200-$70 ; Lilliput TS 7"-$265 ; USB LAN-Free AR ; Rikaline 6010 GPS-$34 ; ShuttleXpress-$37
            Total = $746....Carputer = Priceless


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              P4 2.2, Asus motherboard, Inverter, Used lilliput,

              1 month, no problems at all, except I keep wanting to add more things
              S60 Install


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                Mine worked from install, after I cracked a few ground loop issues it was fine.

                I have noticed that the people who have the most problems are the people who scrimp and take financial shortcuts. Buy a xenarc rather than a lilliput, get a proper Opus etc.


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                  It's worth it, if you take the time, take the money, and do it right, it'll be rewarding. I 'skimped' and bought a lilliput, it works great. I only have one issue and that's when my music starts getting real loud, it skips, and my carputer restarts if this continues for too long, i'm pretty sure it's skipping because the amp is maybe turning on/off, but it's most likely my battery, which is pretty old.
                  My Carputer! (More Car Pics at the end)
                  2 Kicker Comp 10"
                  Epia M-9000, 256 MB DDR, 120 Gig HD
                  Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen
                  Check it out?!


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                    so far I have

                    OPUS 90W
                    via M10000 512MB RAM 80GB HDD in a really tight box!!
                    Hauppage USB2 WinTV/FM
                    GamePort Based Steering wheel stalk conroller

                    gonna get...

                    USB WIFI
                    USB BT
                    USB GPS
                    4 Channel PowerAmp
                    ...IN DASH Xenarc

                    cannot wait...

                    Meant to ask u chaps -I'm completely paranoid about frying my boards with static everytime I accidently touch a board i keep thinkin its gonna be f**ked. what are the chances ? is it like high risk or would you have to be pretty unluck?

                    ps. rock on da frodo player!!


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                      I didnt follow the standards as far as a car pc, and I havent had so much as a glich. I went with a computer pull from a job. Its a Compaq Evo 1.5ghz. It has a power on upon power restore, so I didnt have to have a shutdown or startup controller. I run it, and all other accessories, off of a power invertor. I have a gig of pc133 ram. I went with a regular 120 gig hard drive, 5.25 size. An ATI video card with s-video and rca output, as well as the vga. I chose a Xenarc monitor, without a touchscreen. Check my site for the rest of my specs, and pictures of it all, and install. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments.
                      -Drew Taylor
                      2000 Grand Am GT PC


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                        Originally posted by Cat Monkey
                        I'd like to call out to all carputer owners who can say 'I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for x number of months'
                        I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for 62 months.
                        Old Systems retired due to new car
                        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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                          As long as you work careful and knowledgeble is works perfectly. I have 4 of my friends cars testing the different system variations and they all have not even frozen or crashed ones (4 month)
                          If this didnt work, i wouldnt be selling them retail, so you can feel prett safe, esspecially becasue u been reading here for 6 months
                          Good Luck Buddy

                          About static, get the wrist hand that takes care of that; Its not THAT important, but better safe than sorry
                          DICE Los Angeles


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                            my setup has been up for about 3-4 months with no real issues. developed alternator whine about 2 months in, but a ground loop isolator fixed that right up.

                            i really think it can be done.
                            VIA EPIA 533 MHz
                            256 MB RAM
                            7" Lilliput VGA Touchscreen
                            20 gig HD
                            Media Engine 2.1.4
                            GPS - Earthmate/SA2004
                            802.11b Connectivity


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                              My setup has been running flawlessly for about 4months (started install in Feb 04, so had a rough gestation period)

                              biggest hiccup was power, once i spent the big money on a proper power supply no real issues, yeah the sound could be a little better on the top end side as I am using on board sound and cheapie amps and speakers.

                              Got installed at the moment:

                              Gigabyte mobo onboard video/sound/lan
                              AMD XP2400+ processor
                              256MB RAM
                              DC/DC 170W power supply
                     version of the liliputt (no issues !) custom moulded in dash
                              BU 303 GPS
                              Delta Dash OBD interface
                              Griffin powermate

                              Car has a dual battery system, very useful ! and the performance of the car has actually improved with this ! probably better grounds and more amps to run the electronics and fuel pump ! the std subaru battery is teeny !

                              Do it you wont be sorry, but think carefully and spend money where it counts (power supply !)

                              Even though I have burned out many components (95% all my clumsy fault) I would do it again tomorrow !
                              Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub