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Current Hic-ups, and hicups I've solved.

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  • Current Hic-ups, and hicups I've solved.

    P. Lilliput TS stops working after a few months
    S. Check the mini-din cable pins, use System Restore (it works).

    P. Grounding
    S. Ground everything to one location, not painted.

    P. Switched 12V (ignition wire) to your amps, but no head unit
    S. Buy "Fuse Taps" and tap a fuse that recieves current when your key is turned to the ACC or ON position. Possibly the windshield wiper or cig lighter fuse.

    Hicups- Unsolved.

    P. When my music starts cranking, the audio stutters, then the carputer restarts.
    S. ?Better battery? Please let me know.

    Can't think of any more right now.

    I've basically created this thread to maybe help some people out with some issues I've encountered and solved, but also so I can get some help with some of my current problems. I'd really appreciate any input, and if you have any little hicups you've discoverd a solution to, or something you need help with, maybe you could add it here.
    My Carputer! (More Car Pics at the end)
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