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DigitalWW Order Lead Times.

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  • DigitalWW Order Lead Times.

    Hi all,

    Anyone heard from DWW or Armen recently??

    I ordered an in-dash Xenarc/Gain unit 2 weeks ago and I'm waiting for them to mail me when it's ready to send the PayPal payment.

    Sent a couple of mail's to them with no reply??

    I know they are always busy but i'm desperate for this unit as it's holding up my plans.


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    I was in touch with Armen november 17. and at that time he said next week. I suppose the next week is this week. I have ordered an indash house.


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      I orderd two screens a few weeks ago, no problem at all and I got fast delivery.


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        Here we go again...
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          Originally posted by brady
          Here we go again...
          I know, sorry!!

          But threads would not need to be started if items were sent within stated times on the website would they??


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            I thought they were slow, I ordered the lilliput housing and from order to delivery was just over two weeks, I'm used to about a week with most internet stores.
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              Originally posted by blicky_1
              I know, sorry!!

              But threads would not need to be started if items were sent within stated times on the website would they??
              AFAIK this isn't DigitalWW forums, so why is there a need to start a thread every time someone has a problem with DigitalWW shipping? Have you tried calling them?

              From website:
              "Please Note Our New Phone # 1-847-546-5822"

              Thats where I would start. No offence, but these countless threads about the same thing seem so unnecessary.


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                The reason for the thread is that you usually get a reply from Armen on here.

                As for using the phone i'm in the UK, what time do i call?? how much will it cost for the call??

                Posting here is free and lets others who are about to order know the times stated on the website are untrue (at the moment)

                I though that was what a forum was for, to discuss things? If you dont like it then don't read the 'DWW Delivery Times' threads and don't reply!


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                  This is what I observe over the time, and I also ordered from DWW.
                  If Armen have it in stock, you get the item supper fast. If he doesn't or in case in dash screen he need to put together, it takes a while. But when you get reply from him, your order is likely on it way to your door.
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                    I had an email from Armen today. I ordered a in-dash housing over a month ago. He is having troubles getting them shipped from China, he has been told it would be another week.


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                      So why does he put 'in stock' on his website??

                      I understand he has to build them but why say 7 days when he has no stock??

                      I would have no problems if website said 3-4 weeks for delivery, but feel i'm being misled as it should be here in the UK by now!

                      At least money does not change hands until ready for shipping.