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Cover girl lipstick (don't worry -- it's on topic)

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  • Cover girl lipstick (don't worry -- it's on topic)

    I just received my Xenarc screen and Opus PSU in the mail yesterday. I had checked the tracking number the day before, and it said that the package would be delivered on Dec 2.

    So, out of the blue, I sitting at the lunch table in the office with a couple coworkers, and the UPS guy comes in and hands me a box to sign for.

    "COVER GIRL LUMINESSE LIP STICK", printed in big, bold black letters on both sides of the box.


    "So, Chris, you wear silk undies too?"


    I took a quick look at the label, "" Whew! Uhhh, who the heck buys a *case* of lip stick??

    Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this...

    Christopher Jastram

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    Me too! Somebody buys a serious volume of lipstick!
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      Ziplock, do you have something to tell us? It's ok man, you can come out of the closet...we're a very understanding community
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        Maybe it's for all his hizzoes!!
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          S60 Install


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            Very funny. Ziplock is know for doing stuff like this. I remember a while back when he sent a package to someone and he used stamps to mail it out, instead of going to the post office and getting a lable. The box was filled with stamps all around.
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              I got one of those with the stamps.. I think I prefer that to the lipstick.
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                I got several boxes with all those stamps. Aparently he was using up a stamp collection rofl
                CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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                  There's a cover girl packing plant here in Baltimore and I buy misprinted boxes from a box recycler. I just tell them what size I need and don't really get to pick what the box has printed on it.


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                    I think you need to start mailing out the lipstick boxes covered in stamps, best of both worlds.
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                      Sorry man...

                      I must say that it's a bit of let-down, knowing where the boxes come from...

                      Anyway, thanks for the screen. It seems to be working quite well. I've been busy all weekend (Actually, since Thursday) hacking apart the driver's side sun visor, and inserting the screen.

                      Note to anyone planning this; it's a hell of a lot harder than you might think!

                      All that's left is to glue the vinyl covering back on, and put some sort of decoration in an area to the left of the screen that I screwed up (knives and stupidity do not go well together).

                      I'll post a picture later on, and see if you folks have any ideas for mistake cover-up.

                      Thanks again for the screen! So far, I'm extremely happy with it.

                      Chris Jastram


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                        Uhhh, I meant picture of my mistake...

                        Also, I have to keep a fair amount of decorum in the decoration, since I occasionally give rides to the Rest Of The Family.