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How many gigs of mp3's do you have

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  • How many gigs of mp3's do you have

    I have 50 gig's of mp3's on my hard drive organized by artist. I'm not finding this very user friendly for in car use so I think I am going to reorganize by genre/artist/album/song. I was just curious on how much music everyone had. Thanks

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    Jesus Christ man
    I got like 4 gb always on the carputer, and around 10 gb all-in-all
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      i got about 15gig.. all in genre/artist/album/song
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        I've got 20 to 25 gigs on my carpc and about 65 to 70 gigs stored on a HD in my PC at home. Arranged by Artist. The collection in the car consists of complete albums which i like very much and lots of various songs thrown together.
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          Size: 21.6 GB (23,243,669,620 bytes)
          Size on disk: 21.6 GB (23,253,520,384 bytes)
          Contains: 5,104 Files, 454 Folders

          My AIMEE database tells me I have 4,105 music files, so I've got 999 files which aren't music, probably mainly M3U, JPG etc files

          They are all organised into:

          Drive:\Media\Music\Artist\Album\Artist - Album - Track Number - Track Name.extension

          or for compilation albums etc:

          Drive:\Media\Music\Album\Album - Track Number - Track Artist - Track Name.extension
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            unfortunently # of gigs doesnt tell us anything, you could have 10 gigs of mp3s but all of them encoded @500 kbs.

            personaly i have 14,760 tracks.


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              120GB @ 256 kbs
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                2.5Tb at 190kb
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                  Originally posted by Motoko
                  2.5Tb at 190kb
                  **** me!!!!! how many is that? Must be every song ever made! You must have a lot of CDs stored in your garage


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                    Originally posted by Motoko
                    2.5Tb at 190kb
                    IM POSS IBLE
                    throw a moon

                    heuvos vin chevos


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                      awaiting confirmation for such a claim

                      Oh yea 30 GB about 3000 songs.
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                        90 gigs = 18000 songs.....still collecting...

                        getting ready to go back through them all and make sure the ID3 tags are all in propper working order

                        anyone know of a program that will do that? other than iTunes?
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                          33 gigs - mostly 192 or above.

                          Gonna thin it out some to make it easier to find stuff.
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                            notice how close the 't' is to the 'g'...
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                              19079 and about 85 gigs.