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    Hey all I'm trying to determine a new way of having my computer mounted in my suv. I have a Mazda Navajo (basically a Ford Explorer) and it is currently just mounted in the rear using a midsize desktop case mounted horizontally on top of 4" foam pad. I was contemplating creating a new center console for the computer. My issue there is that I can't just remove the computer to work on it if something goes wrong. My idea was then to maybe get a shuttle and mount the dvd drive in the dash with the mp3 hard drive still in its removable rack in the shuttle out the back.

    I have had to take my computer out a couple of times to work on, but I suppose if I made it so that I could plug it in to a normal outlet and monitor it'd be fine I guess.

    I guess I could also make the entire shuttle case removable out the back of the console.

    What are your experiences with mounting a computer in a way that you can't remove it from the vehicle.


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    i have a 93 Ford Explorer and mine is in a small custom case and its sitting against the rear seat in the trunk. another place you can consider is taking off the rear, passenger side, net holder thing and putting it in there.
    Check this post out for more help:
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      Well I just sold my computer to my mom for my grandma to use so now I have to get a new computer, hehe. I'm thinking I'm gonna go with a Shuttle board at least, maybe the SV24 barebones system, haven't decided yet.

      How hard is it to work with plexiglass to make a case? I see that a lot of people here have done that, I'm trying to make this as cheap as possible seen as I'll need to buy a processor and now would be a good time to switch to DC-DC power supply.

      1997 Jeep Wrangler Rugged Waves

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