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    Just to throw it out there in case of any future deals, I was scammed by BlueMagic about a month ago. I purchased a pc from him, paypal'ed the money, and he said that he would ship it "the next day" several times. Now he seems to have disappeared from the forums. Luckily, I filed a claim through paypal before the 30 days was up, so I may still see my money again. Just though I'd warn you.

    The sad thing is, unless I get that money back, no carpc for me for a while, and I feel almost burnt out on the whole thing. Hopefull that will go away soon though *tear*. I was looking forward to it so much too.

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    Sorry to hear that. You can be sure nobody on this board will ever buy from him. Thta's what I don't understand with theese guys: if they want to make money, they have to sell more than 1.
    How much are we talking about here.
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      He is now:
      "I'm a dick!"
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        I hope you get your money back. My one experiance with filing a paypal claim was... poor. They basically said "after concluding our investigation, we have found the seller was at fault. no, you don't get your money back." Fortunately the CC company was very helpful and credited me for the amount as soon as I took it to them after that. And then you know what paypal sent me? "we see you've made a chargeback - in the future, please go though our dispute resolution". Yeah, and a whole lot of good that did me.

        Anyway, I make sure to make any and all PP purchased with my CC now. And if you used a CC, don't forget that avenue is available to you.


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          I did us a cc, tomorrow is the last day he gets to confirm shipping, so if I don't hear something within the week, I'm going to go through the cc. Thanks for the concern.