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Another Custom Carputer Case!

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  • Another Custom Carputer Case!

    Well its not custom..but it sure does look kick ***. I'm going to mount it in the glove compartment. Its about .5" thinner then my shuttle mobo, but I think I can get away with tilting it. Also inside the CD Changer, had 4 of these mounts that is actualy the stuff that keeps the cd from skipping, I think I'm gonna use it to mount the motherboard so its not touching anything. I'm gonna fab up some nice faceplate for behind the doors to have my 2nd USB/Firewire/Sound connectors, the DVDRW, and maybe a few cool lights or somethin. I'm thinkin of using a peice of clear plexiglass, something thin, but mask off the words SHUTTLE or XPC and paint it, then pull the mask off so I can make the words light up...well anyways, enough talking, check it out!
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    Looks great!
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