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    I want to install a car pc in my car but i was wondering if its possible to have it pause the current media (song or video) when the car is turned off, then resume it when the car is turned back on. From what ive read and correct me if im wrong, hybernate saves the most power. I know i dont want my car to die from saving the current data, but is it possible to resume from where it left off in hybernat mode? I know alot of you are gonna tell me to search, and i have but this site has so many extensive topics, it will take me awhile to find the answers im looking for. I will go search for a while longer (and i have been searching for a while). It seems to me that if a crappy best buy head unit can resume in the middle of a song a pc should be able to also. Please give me ( a newbie to all of this) a brief or, if you have time, a detailed rundown. Thanks!

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    it depends on the software you're using... if you have a shutdown controller and set the power button to hibernate, when you resume again it should start back up exactly where you left off.
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