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00 Mazda 626 a/c controls moved?????

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  • 00 Mazda 626 a/c controls moved?????

    I swear there was a thread somewhere or I saw a pic somewhere of a 626 where they put the HU in place of the a/c controls. I want to do this because having the HU in the glovebox is terrible!!! I want to put my HU where the a/c controls are and the a/c controls in the center console/armrest.... I would like to see a pic of this and if anyone know exactly how to get the a/c controls out....(dash removal????)


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    There should be a couple screws over your tach to remove. Then gently pry along the black part starting from the right side of the ac panel. There will be four screws holding int he ac panel Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Help.......any pictures of this type of install??????


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        I finally took out the a/c heater controls. The opening is a little bigger than a standard HU, so I'm am trying to make a trim ring for the HU out of fiberglass. I traced the shape of the a/c controls to get screw hole locations, width and height and then cut the shape out of cardboard. I laid a few layers of fiberglass on it and then I am going to cut a hole in the center of it for the HU.

        Let me know if you guys have any other ideas for this....(how to make the trim ring)


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          Here is approx. what the shape looks like and then I have to cut a hole into it for the HU to be mounted.....
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            how are you going to get the a/c control to the armrest? Aren't there a bunch of vacuum lines and stuff that you will have to extend...


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              no vacuum lines, just wires. Right now I have it in the glovebox, and I didn't have to exttend the wires. I'm thinking of leaving it in there and flushmounting it.


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                Can this get moved to the Fabrication forum...