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Finally decided to finish my project

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  • Finally decided to finish my project

    well I finally got a little bit more money and decided to finish the computer... I've been running with nothing in my radio bay for a while and kind of got used to it... mostly because the laptop that I bought for the project, a Dell Latitude CP 233MHz just was not anywhere close to being what I needed for what I wanted to do. Pretty much I downloaded emulators for NES, SNES, Sega, Xbox, PS, PS2, N64, and Game Cube and that 233 just couldn't handle it... on top of that... it took 4 minutes to load windows xp.

    SOOOOOOO.... here's the new setup:

    Dell Latitude C600 1GHz Laptop
    -256MB RAM, 20GB HD

    Dell Latitude C Dock
    -Dock has room for 2 PCI cards and 1 laptop drive module along with all the rest of the typical docking connections

    Just wanted to let ya'll know... and once I finisht he fabrication for the touchscreen and install the system I'll take pictures as I'm sure everyone wants to see.

    Anyway... if anyone has opinions I'm always open to hearing them.
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    Hi Krusher,

    i just wanted to know where you got the emulators from,

    btw, sounds like a nice setup, bring on the pix coz i want to see as many carputers as i can before i start mine
    New carputer install starting soon!
    Project status: 0% still in the planning stages
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      you won't get the xbox, ps2, or gamecube emulators to work, or at least to be tolerable.



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        Not to mention any "emulators" for xbox, ps2, or gamecube are probally bull**** or viruses....


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          Originally posted by ksmyarse
          Not to mention any "emulators" for xbox, ps2, or gamecube are probally bull**** or viruses....
          No, there are PS2 emulators in the works, and they do run some games, slowly, but they run. The gamecube one is in the works as well, now that it is known how to copy games into the computer. I have to ask though, what is a 'xbox?


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            omg!! u dont know what a xbox is??? man, u need to find out. Nowadays if u ask nebody random they would know. its a gaming console and u will find lots of info