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  • I want a MP3 playa...

    I want to put a MP3 computer/playa into my car. Where can i find "in-depth" instructions on common mp3 car players? ....preferably free instructions. I can get any computer part i need and i plan to spare no expense. I just want to join the new crowd of MP3 users. Can anyone help me out? I have a Kenwood KDC7009 with my cd changer controls set to input with an adaptor. I have heard this is good to do when using a computer cuz u can control your comp from your unit....or something? please if anyone helps me out i will be more then happy to help you out....if i can. (i can get computer parts for REALLY CHEAP!)


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    Well go throught the web ring most sites have detail plans. Also search this board for certain questions you have problems finding the answer to. And if you don't find your answer while searching then ask your question. Also someone in the Mp3car sale part of this board was selling his setup.


    my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)


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      yeah i seen that he was selling his crap...but...i can get all the parts for REALLY cheap so....i figured why not build my own. thanks for the reply...i'll start searchin!


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        Well i will put it this easy for you. Go to my ftp site and look at some of the pics there. Since u said u can get all the parts u need, then understanding my pictures won't be a problem. When all ur stuff is setup, then Run CobraII and believe me, u will enjoy it.
        Time to go work on CobraIII

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          Hey abcd:
          Nice little shameless plug you threw in there.
          (although I cant really complain since I use CobraII myself and it does really rock)

          Oh, and #mp3car on efnet is always a good source of information.
          (This is on IRC)

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            Almost everyone here's site has info on building a "playa" or at least pictures to give you an idea of what to do