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Odd Off Topic-ness on Hibernation

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  • Odd Off Topic-ness on Hibernation

    just my general experience with using hibernation. ever since using xp (probably around august 2003) ive never bothered with hibernation at all. mainly due to the fact that this computer stays on 24/7 anyhow. but after reading what kind of load speeds people were getting using hibernation, i decided to try it for myself. all i can say is "WOW ". although going into hibernation took a little bit (didnt time it, but it probably got near a full minute), starting back up was nice and speedy. if the computer was single user and logged in automatically, id say the hibernation reload time would probably be around 20 seconds at the most. compared to the usual 2+ minute startup time, this is a major improvement. and it will probably be my preffered way of shutting down when it gets converted to a carPC. im pretty sure the bios has hibernation listed as a power button command.
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    on another wacky off topic note :P i found out that winamp also plays nice with the hibernate feature. started playing some high quality 320kbps vbr mp3's ( ) and immediately went into hibernation. reloaded and the music resumed just where i left it. hibernation is definitely a carputer recommendation.
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*