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Stupid TV cameras

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  • Stupid TV cameras

    OK, I love baseball and my team won the world series for the first time in 86 years. life is good (other than a school mate being killed my a cop the night the sox beat the yankees in game 7)

    The World Series was on Fox. Fox baseball comentating sucks. I mean sucks like I could do better. Then there were those aweful cameras in the ground in front of home plate. Foolish things. Anyone else HATE those?

    I just read Fox will be having cameras inside the turf for the Super Bowl. I hope we don't have to endure stupid camera angles. The same goes for "SkyCam" I hate all those non-tradiational camera angles. I mean they are great for replays and stuff but I hate them life.

    And am I the only one on the planet that would like more players to be wearing microphones? I think in game sounds, which MLB was doing a little, is really neet and insightful.

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    Wow man, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Glad to hear about the sox. I actually had this conversation with my boss one night when he was all drunk watching the game. I can't wait to watch the superbowl with the volume down and motion sickness setting in from all the crazy angles and changes.



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      Nah, keep the mystery. Besides, if I were a player then I wouldn't want anyone outside of my team hearing what I had to say. I mean if one slip of the tongue gets broadcast, then that person would be ripped into...I vote Nay!
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