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Remote Desktop leaves a logon screen on exit

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  • Remote Desktop leaves a logon screen on exit

    I like my single user XP setup in my car - it doesn't ask me to log in when I boot the computer or resume from hibernate.

    However, after running a remote desktop connection, the login prompt reappears. Does anyone know a way around this? For instance, when remote desktop is closed, pop control back to the local machine without requiring re-login?

    Or are there any alternate remote desktop programs I should consider using? What software do you suggest for remote connections?
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    this is the way remote desktop works in windows. It dosent allow more than one user on the desktop at a time. So it forces you to log out.
    You could use VNC, havent used it in a while but it think it dosent log you out when you connect to the other machine.
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      or netmeeting's remote desktop. just make sure to disable the screensaver part of it.
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        use beyond remote. It's bascially software that lets you spy on your kids or somthing, but it works great. I use it on my htpc to remotly set up tv recording schedules.
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          Real VNC and Ultra VNC both work great. I think Ultra VNC is built on Real VNC. This is what I use, and I love it man. File transfers and everything.

          Try RevFE
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            Originally posted by Tidder
            Ultra VNC
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