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  • just curious

    I am just curious as to what members of this forum drive... My first player was in an '89 firebird (who has passed =( ). I am looking for another vehicle to continue the project

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    95 Saab 900Sport


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      1989 Oldsmobile Regency Ninety Eight



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        Volkswagen Jetta.
        Good for 400 miles per tank, And at least that many songs!

        1983 BMW 733i
        Cyrix 166 32MB with MPXPLAY And no display. Player sits on the back seat with a keypad in front. Someday I'll mount this thing for good...
        Gathering parts for carplayer v2.0!


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          havent we done this a coupla times before?

          97 full-size 1/2 ton chevy extended cab
          Debt as of 1/1/05: $34,354.48
          Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
          I'M DEBT FREE!!
          I'm now a reasonably successful gunblogger.


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            2000 Jeep Cherokee...


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              1991 Black Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo
              1999 White Chevy Tahoe 4x4


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                Originally posted by katnip:
                2000 Jeep Cherokee...
                Katnip - Could you give me some info on where your player is set up? I also have a Jeep Cherokee and am just in the planning stages of my first project. Thanks!



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                  Hi CY,
                  My first idea was to mount it in the center console. It is just big enough to get in a micro or flex atx board and a hard drive, but I decided that it was just too tight, the power supply & dvd would not fit in there with everthing else so I moved on to Plan B.

                  I decided to use a "knuff box" from ikea, it is 13.25"w x 10.5"d x 6.25"h. I cut holes for the cd, floppy, & power supply to poke out and I will mount the board in the lid of the box. The box will live on the hump in the back seat and there will be enough play in the wiring so that I can have it in if the rear seat is folded down.

                  I purchased one of the $300 touch screens that you might have read about in the hardware section. I am not entirely committed to keeping it though. If it goes in the jeep it will probably be mounted on a jottodesk.

                  The after I get the pc & monitor figured out I will be installing 5" monitors in the visors, where the vanity mirrors are.

                  anyway, that's my story . If you have time take a look at . That's on the other side of a dsl connection though, so if it's not accessible just try it again later.

                  good luck!

                  send mail to:
                  kate at bootstrap dot net

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                    1997 Mitsubishi Mirage LS Coupe



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                      nissan 180SX 2ltr 5 spd turbo ;-))
                      you yanks have it but called it a 240SX and put a 2.4 lt truck motor in it ;-)))
                      Volvo V40 Phase 2 2002. T4 turbo upgrade.... currently no mp3 or carputer..... researching options


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                        Just read my autosignature...

                        Using Napster, Imesh, Scour Gnutella and Freenet to load up my MP3-ized WebSurferPro... in my '96 Civic, of course :}
                        BC ROCKS!!!
                        PII 266, 512 MB RAM, 10 Gig, 36x CD-ROM, 16x DVD, DeLorme GPS, 5.6" LCD Screen, Dschmidt power controller, Keypower ATX DC-DC Supply, PowerAmp Macro controller, Dauphin mini-Kbd.
                        Sony Head Unit, Sony Unilink input selector, rear deck Kenwood 6x9's, stock door spkrs... All in my '96 Civic, of course :}
                        BC ROCKS!!!


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                          1997 Cavalier LS tight work with my mp3 player i met as well bring in a blanket and live in it, not that i would want to do that sort of thing of course?
                          Music is the language, love is the message.


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                            '96 Cavalier Z-24 ... anyone able to access the AUX IN on the factory tape deck yet?
                            z-24 Mp3
                            P-200 w/ 64meg RAM, Win 98 lite
                            13.6 Gig HD, 4x20 LCD, keypad, IR remote(?), tape adapter
                            (...working on touchscreen LCD, FM trans/mod and RF remote)


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                              1997 Saturn SL2 JBL and Polk 6 1/2s, 30 * 4 MTX amp..... Pioneer Tape Deck and 12 disk cd changer running into ip bus.