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Crossing the Us/Canadian Border

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  • Crossing the Us/Canadian Border

    Whatup guys? This is prolly mad early, but I'll ask anyways. I'm planning on taking a trip to Canada once summer time arrives. Woundering if any of you had any issues crossing the boarder with the carputer installed during the 'selective' inspection that goes on. Thanks.


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    I do it every day

    I do it every day ! Turn it off and pretend its not there ! They definately like it turned off. Thats valid for cell phones as well. I have been asked on a number of occasions to turn it off since it was just ringing when I got to the booth. As long as the car pc looks somewhat integrated you should be fine. Make sure you are able to show what it is if you get pulled over as well as be prepared to declare it when you step out of the car. I have had my car taken apart on a few occasions (i.e. anything that can be easily removed has been removed, starting with the carpets and ending with the air filter). The customs agents are pretty decent as long as you extend the same courtesy and as long as you dont have anything to hide.

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      I had a history teacher who was also a war re-enactor. He was travelling to Canada for a re-enactment of some sort and had a couple of 150+ year old mortars in the back of his van.

      Going into Canada he was asked if he had any weapons, to which he replied, "just the 2 mortars in the back"

      The agent laughed, and said "yeah, whatever, you guys have fun in Canada" and waived them on through
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        I was pulled over going through customs on my way to a Snoop Dogg concert... Completely "random" search except that EVERYBODY going to the concert was pulled over and searched. Asked me and the girl I was taking with to step out of the car, they searched through it, asked a few questions as to what things were (the car-puter, the GPS module, and the switchplate under my center console for the PC and audio). Asked me to turn a few things on to show that the switchplate was real, and booted the PC and waived me through. Now MY pc at the time was no where near integrated. Had a 14" LCD touchscreen roaming about the back seat along with a keyboard and mouse and still didn't really have any problems. I am however a resident of Port Huron, MI which is a border crossing with Sarnia Ontario Canada so they don't give us too much hassle usually. The thing to remember since 9/11 is that Canada IS a foreign country and if you're going in and are from a non-border state, expect customs to expect you to treat it as a foreign country. They prefer that you have a passport, but if you don't take as many forms of ID and photo ID as you can. Good luck!
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