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  • CD Changer Cutting Out

    I just got an oil change, and i don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it started happening after i got the car back.
    Sometimes when i press the gas a lil hard, the cd will cut out, sorta like it is skipping and searching for the data. It will cut out for about 3 seconds then come back. The radio works fine, it doesn't do that. I have a cd changer in the trunk and a in dash head. I haven't tried just the in dash cd yet, maybe its just my cd changer. When i hit some bumps too it skips, but that is normal. I am thinking that it is taking power from my cd changer and puttin it to the gas, but it never did that before. Anybody got any ideas of what i should do?
    Thx a lot.
    2009 Altima 2.5S CVT Dark Slate

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    ok, after taking a little closer look at this
    it looks like it is actually only the head unit that is cutting out, and it does it right after i start, like if i am at a stop sign, i come to a stop, then start up again, i don't think it has to do with the gas. All the other things work fine, radio and the cd changer don't cut out.
    2009 Altima 2.5S CVT Dark Slate