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  • Newbie and searching

    I am fairly new to the board and just wanted to make a small comment. I'm sure you will all flame me but ohhh well.

    First i would like to say thanks for the forum.. It is a wealth of info for someone that doesn't know much about this stuff.

    As with all the forums I have ever been on, before re posting questions I try to spend a good amount of time going through posts to learn from past threads. However, you do a search for something here and you come up with a 400 threads on a subject instructing you to or .

    And you'll are not generaly nice about it. Always thought these forums were here to help. Makes me wish that there were another venue sometimes.

    That's all. Just looking for info and tired of reading "go search" in posts I searched for.

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    Telling you to search the forums to find an answer to a question that's been asked dozens of times isn't helpful?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      Hummmm, never thought that my first post would be for this.

      But I have been reading, searching and compiling information from this forum for quite some time. I have yet come up with a question that would not be answered by just searching this forum. I know that some times it can be a pain having to go through so many threads just to find the answer you're looking for. But my experience is that many of the thread I've read actually helped me, not just by answering my own questions, but also directing me towards updates, tips, tricks and answers to other questions that I would soon have.

      So, Im not here to flame you Im just a noob too. But I believe in the power of
      "There aint no Nation like Brunation"

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        People (esp. Americans) are mostly lazy and warlike. When someone shows that they're lazy ("How do I ...?"), others may show that they're warlike ("Search, you asshat, or I'll kill your puppy.").



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          "Every time a newb posts a stupid question, God kills a puppy." I like it! Now we need an image of a puppy in a field with a couple Domo-Kun's towering over it...

          Incidentally, isn't the Newbie forum more or less a free-for-all for questions you haven't found search results for, but *may* have been asked before? If it has been asked, no flaming allowed. And if it's honestly a new topic, one of the mods should move it to the appropriate forum when it gets rolling...

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