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  • New MP3 Car Radio User Questions

    We have a way cool new MP3 car radio coming early next year but we need more user input. Specifically we want your ideas about ID3 tags. Imagine you are in your car using our MP3 radio while driving. How important are ID3 tags? Assuming that long tags could cause driver distraction, would limiting text to 36 characters or less be appropriate? Maybe having no ID3 tag information is best. What do you think? Tell us and your views will be factored into our design process. Reply to: [email protected]

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    Being able to turn off id3 tags completely would be excelent.
    I don't use them when I am finding a specific song, just when I'm looking for a specific mood of songs. and then i should probably have a playlist already set up for that.....

    By the way, can you be more specific about your new mp3 player comming out next year?
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    • #3 is the URL to check out the Mach MP3 radio and its Editor's Choice Award


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        Check into the Hardware Discussion or go to


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          WHOA!!! HOLD UP!

          Do you work for Visteon?
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            ID3 tags=GOOD