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How to create a Brushed Steel Background?

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  • How to create a Brushed Steel Background?

    Can anyone give a quick tutorial as to how to create a Brushed Steel Metal Background in Photoshop, I've got the actual creation sussed but it comes out too 'light'.

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    Just add noise (filter -> noise -> add noise) to a layer and use motion blur on it.


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      Presuming you're using Photoshop, start with a gradient fill (I quite like the 'copper' preset)

      Then Filters>add noise (gaussian gives a more natural appearance, around 5-10% - make sure it's set to monochromatic so all the dots are of the same tone)

      Then Filters>blur>motion blur (again don't go crazy on the length - I tend to use somewhere between 7-15 pixels depending on the size of the image)

      Finally, to get the colour/shade you want, go to Image>Adjust>Hue/Saturation and tick 'colorize' at the bottom right corner.

      Then its a matter of playing with the sliders until you get the desired effect
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        Cheers guys - I was struggling getting the colour I wanted