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ok guys, i have read almost every freakin post ;)

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  • ok guys, i have read almost every freakin post ;)

    can those using an in dash tv/monitor, such as a pioneer or alpine post specs and pics of their system?

    I am still confused, i thought there was a way to auto matically shut down windows, when you cut power, like witha piece of hardware, when it senses battery disconnection, it jammed windows off, was i mistaken?

    How long is the ave startup and shutdown?

    How can you navigate dir with a remote when you are using winamp?

    I know these are basic questions, i ma just looking for some basic answers



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    I answered a couple of your questions in my post else where on this page, but as for shuting down Windows, you can program a button on your remote (if you use an IRMan) to shut down, create a Macro to turn the system off with a couple of key strokes (if ya using a keyboard) OR just disable scan disk on start up and turn your car off as normal.
    Now Im sure some people will shoot me down for saying this but I figure as long as you are only listening to MP3s the computer isnt writing anything to the hard drive, so turning it off cold shouldnt be a problem. I must have done this 50-60 times now while setting everything up and my HDD is still fine. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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      bear: you are right. I don't see why ppl are so paranoid about shutting down the pc by just turning it off. All u have to do is disable scan disk by using TweakUI or just run msconfig if u are using win98/ME. I have been doing this with both my box for almost two years now and not one problem. The hard drives these days compare to hard drives in the past are two diff technology and i will leave it at that.

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        Well, if you're running ME, there's almost no reason not to map SOMETHING to a shutdown command. It takes the damn OS about .5 seconds to reach "You may shutdown your computer"

        If you want to do it automaticly, a guy makes a 12v relay system that can also send a fake UPS fail code to a serial port. I forget where his web site is though.

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          What about this? If Im using a laptop, is there anyway to have the computer sense when the inverter loses power and it starts running on batteries to automatically shut off??

          Dont know if thats feasible, but thought it was worth a shot asking



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            Here's two of the picutres of my Prestige indash lcd. I'm still working on getting more picturs so I can finally complete my webpage.



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              hey that is pretty sweet, great job on teh case design.really nice..

              i am def interested in seeing other pics as they develop

              hey , how are you cntrolling your pc?

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                I'm using Irman with a steering wheel remote for winamp and a regular remote for dvd, gps, and other basic windows functions.



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                  how har dis it to switch to dvd or nav from winamp, since obviously winamp runs most of the time..

                  do you just assign a button to the windows key and a diff one to up\, right, left, down.

                  Or can you quick launch using a mapped key and a windows proggy.

                  anyone know a place to get really slim case that isn't 8 million dollars?