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Problem with factory alarm in Ford Mustang

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  • Problem with factory alarm in Ford Mustang

    While I am on here, I thought I'd ask about a problem I have had for sometime now. I have a 1998 Ford Mustang which has keyless entry and the factory alarm. The ignition wont start until you hit unlock on the keypad and the alarm beeps once. Well, for several months now, it has been screwed up. You have to repeatedly press the Unlock button on the keyless entry remote until it finally beeps. This may range from one or two clicks to 20 or 30, each time the doors attempt to unlock themselves again (which cant be good for them). It seems ridiculous. I know that if I take it into the shop to get it fixed its probably going to cost a few hundred dollars. I cant afford that now, but figured if any of you had seen or heard of this problem or one similar, and could provide some advice or guesses as to what it would be, that would be great. Thanks...

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    Have you fixed your problem yet? I have a similar problem and I think its because of my carputer is eating up the battery and the car doesnít have enough juice to run the car alarm properly. Every time I roll up the windows and put the top up at the same time the electrical controls stop working and the car doors lock and unlock even though Iím not touching the door controls. The electrical controls then come back online in about 10 secs.
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