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To gut or not to gut... looking for flip down solution...

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  • To gut or not to gut... looking for flip down solution...

    OK, long story short... I'm looking for a good place to place my slimline CDRW/DVDROM drive... I have my monitor in place of the stock headunit and center vents, and plan to install my Alpine RUX-C701 (contoller unit for the Alpine PXA-H701) in place of the indash 6-disc changer down low. I was looking at the mounting bracket that places the RUX-C701 into a standard single DIN radio slot... basically, it just places the cotroller in the hole... but it is completely empty behind...

    Here is what I want to do... I would like to mount my CDRW/DVDROM drive into the bracket and then find a way to hinge my RUX-C701 in a way to give me access... the only thing is that I don't see an easy way to do this. I gutted a SERIOUSLY crappy flip down face CD player, but the hinge system isn't going to work out as it is just a pivoting hinge. I need something that will push the face out and THEN flip down...

    Here is my idea... I have two choices I think... custom design a flip down mechanism, then have a machine shop custom fabricate the parts to make it work, using a servo or two to make it run... sounds pretty expensive to me... or sacrifice another radio I have just laying around... an Alpine CDA-7995... yeah, that is somewhat of an expensive idea but its paid for, and if I can make it work, it could be relatively easy... or not! lol

    First off... anyone out there have ideas of how to make this happen? Has anyone seen anything done like that? If I can make the 7995 mechanism work, I don't really mind sacrificing it, but if somebody has another alternative, I'm willing to listen. Lemme know what you think... thanks in advance.
    Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

    ***Too many pieces and parts to list... maybe someday I'll show'm to ya!***