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removing seats in 1989 prelude

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  • removing seats in 1989 prelude

    hey every1.
    im gona be doing some electrical work on my car in the next few weeks and the other week i was checkin out how to remove the back seat in my luder and couldnt work out how, and i cant find it in the manual. sooooo im ****ed if i know what to do....grrr...
    anyone know?
    oh and also removing the front seats, i havnt looked into this but think i might as well know.


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    Front seats are easy...four bolts and possibly one wire harness. Tilt the seat back and look underneath before you pull the seat up.

    Rear seat is going to have one 10mm bolt inbetween the lower seat cushion and the upper seat cushion. It is almost is in the center but it is a little biased to the driver side. Just use slide your hand into the crack between the two cushions and fell around till you find it. Once you find it remove that bolt and tilt the seat forward. There are two hooks in the front that wiggle out once you have it stood upright. The upper cushion bolts will be more visible once the lower cushion is out.

    Now just for the heck of it before you do all that look at the bottom of the lower cushion where it meets the floor. There might be two pull on the left and one on the right and should be white. If they are there pull the tabs straight out and lift the cushion. The rear bolt might still be there. This is how Toyota seats come out but I have seen it a few times on older Hondas.


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      the rear *** portion of the seat should just come right up pull up