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P 1280 AND an inverter to power my carpc, make sense?

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  • P 1280 AND an inverter to power my carpc, make sense?

    I have a P4 machine that Im going to use for my car PC. It uses the Husky inverter, tank circuit, shutdown controller and a 250 watt power supply.

    I also have a carnetix 1280 that I have not used once.

    I can go a couple of routes with this...

    1) Do i tap into the molex of the 250 watt PS and power my USB hub this way? I then connect the Xenarc screen to my accessory 12v and call it a day. Should i instead connect the screen to the 12v lines on the PSU?

    2) Use the p1280 to power my Xenarc and USB hub in the front of the car. Let the PSU work as it was intended in the back? This will let me stabalize my 12v and 5v lines in the front of the vehicle allowing for further expansion.

    My only concern is making sure that the USB has power after turning off my PC and before turning it back on. Maybe a relay off of the 12v at the computer to turn the 1280 on is a better way of accomplishing this
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