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Play Order in in-dash CD-MP3 player

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  • Play Order in in-dash CD-MP3 player

    I've been digging around everywhere trying to find a forum that deals with in-dash CD-MP3 players, and couldn't find much. I didn't know if you guys could help me with this question though...

    I've got an in-dash CD player with MP3 capability, and I've burned a CD with multiple tracks on them, arranged in directories, similar to below:

    DIR1\TEST1\Track A 01.mp3
    DIR1\TEST1\Track A 02.mp3
    DIR1\TEST1\Track A 03.mp3
    DIR1\TEST2\Track B 01.mp3
    DIR1\TEST2\Track B 02.mp3

    And so on... you get the point.

    And so I pop it in my CD player, it reads them all, (in each individual subfolder too), and I can skip between folders (like I can select TEST1 folder, then Track A 01.mp3, or skip to Track A 02.mp3).

    But the problem comes when I go through the files, it's SUPPOSED to read the files like "Track A 01.mp3, Track A 02.mp3, Track A 03.mp3"... but sometimes it gets them out of order, for no particular reason, like "Track A 02.mp3, Track A 03.mp3, Track A 01.mp3".

    I've checked the filenames and they're all proper, I checked the dates, etc, etc... but for whatever reason, some folders will get mixed up and out of order, and I've no idea why.

    I've already through completely, searched all over the internet (maybe I'm not searching for the right thing though, I dunno), but can't find a single thing on how to tell either the CD to put them in a certain order, or how to tell the CD Player to read them in a certain order.

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    Thats a question to ask customer support of who ever built your head unit. Unless its Frodo Player or Winamp I dont think we can be of much help.


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      I think I'm just going to combine each original disk into one MP3