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Whos using gps/tv/dv ?

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  • Whos using gps/tv/dv ?

    I was just wondering -

    It seems most people only use there carputer for mp3's they dont bother with Gps,DVD,TV or anything further than mp3 playing.

    I loaded my rig with everything, and was just wondering, why are there so fiew "loaded" set ups ? how manny people use DvD ? what are your reasons for not using all the features you could ?

    My set-up can be found at

    My favorite part is

    Coments, Sugestions ?

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    does a Dreamcast and seperate DVD player count? (yeah i know it has been a while since i responded to anything but, i changed my email address so it automatically changed my password...I was too lazy to put in the new pass)

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      my setup will have 12x dvd and burner and dolby surround and emulates a psx if thats enough of my addons besides mp3s lol.
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        I think it's a matter of cost. This is the running total of the system I am currently building:

        $25 - 440BX motherboard with integrated video/audio.
        $35 - Celeron 566 Processor (with the hookup )
        $15 - Heatsink
        $18 - 32 Megs PC100 RAM
        $16 - Power Supply
        $45 - Power Inverter
        $38 - IRMan
        $8 - Character LCD
        $20 - Another HD rack

        I already have a hard drive for it, and I'm building the case myself. That comes to a grand total of $220. I'm sure if you search on eBay, you could find an old Pentium 100 for dirt cheap, and that figure would be even lower (add the LCD, power inverter and IRMan). I would have gone that route myself, but I plan on putting more in this box later, and I didn't want to be short-sighted.

        But if you did deck it out:
        $65 - DVD player
        $35 - DVD decoder
        $200 - Decent LCD
        $500 - Dope LCD
        $79 - Decent video card with NTSC.

        You just tripled the cost of the system.


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          it is just a matter of cost I think most ppl are just going mp3 ive went all out i got a 10" vga lcd so i kinda needed dvd lol but if all you got is a 4" ntsc lcd then dvd isnt worth it and you should just use divix cd's

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            So how well do DVDs and GPS maps show up on a 6.4" NTSC display? I am in the process of developing a full system like this for my car and was wondering if this type of display was good enough since there are so many other types out there. Thanks,



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              Well I like the idea of DVD and TV in my car but what a waste 95% of the time I'm the only one in the car the other 5% of the time they arn't really in it long enough for it to matter. Now I do have GPS in my car and it makes sense I hate being lost and it doesn't need me to look at it. (so I can drive safely) DVD and TV distracts to much for the driver. I see people who can't even talk on cell phones and drive my god I don't want to see them with a movie playing in their car then. DVD in the back seats is fine but I don't have a backseat so its pointless to me.


              my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)

              my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)


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                While it's not quite DVD I did manage to watch a DIVX;-) movie while drving home one night in my old car but I found that the position of my screen was not the best for watching anything while driving :-( and as for TV well I never watch it at home so I dont think I would watch it in the car anyway.


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                  I hate to admit this but one time I started installing Windows on my laptop on my way home from work.
                  The battery ran out half way home and I stopped.
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                    TurboBuick87 :

                    On my 6.4 I think the images show up quite well.

                    DvD is great for long trips, and the gps is voice controled - With a 6.4 composit (non vga) it is a bit fuzzy, ( I cant read a street name verry well, but I can tell where the turn is coming up. ) and you can alwayse ask the computer to read the street name.

                    Screne position makes a big difference (IMHO)
                    particularly for gps, you must have the display right up infront of the dash, you dont want to have to look down to use it.

                    When your watching a dvd, its usually for the pasenger or back seat passenger. Thats why I chose to mount my display on a goose-neck / flexibel arm.

                    In gps mode, it puts the display right on eye level with the dash, and in dvd mode, you can bend it around to face the front or back seat passenger.

                    Pics of <a href=""> flexi-arm </a>

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                    Techonlogy on Wheels


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                      I don't know if I am the only one, but I cannot access your site, sometimes I start getting a page, but it takes 5 weeks to get the pics, and the other pages time out and don't even open.

                      I am not complaining, I just want to see the site but am unable.

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                        I second that


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                          Wow, that sucks....someone told me it bounced some email earlier this week..... Ill have to go beat up my hosting provider.

                          I visited it from home and work, and both seem to function well. I have 1 flash animation on it, but I didnt think it was that big.... let me know if its working any beter now.

                          Well I just found out my provider is having DNs issues.... bastards....

                          but the page still loades at my end, its a shame, because im quite proud of my setup, wish the freaking page worked...

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                            Ok, I made some updates, and my provider appears to have fixed the dns issues


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                              I have a DVD but how many ppl watch movies going down the road? not a good idea..

                              As for DVD, it's not worth the time if you don't have the 5.1 to go along with it. It really makes a difference and my stereo has 6 channels for it.

                              GPS is a plus if you get lost a lot like myself.

                              TV is cool too...but you only will get anything in the local if there was a way to install DirecTV without that huge dish on the car..then that would be cool too.

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