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Please help remove stereo. Infiniti I30 2001

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  • Please help remove stereo. Infiniti I30 2001

    So I sold my Pathfinder last week and bought a 2001 Infiniti I30. It's funny how it takes you weeks, months to put the carputer and all the gadgets in the car but it only took me couple of hours to take everything out and make everything look nice and clean, as it was before the carputer phase.
    Well my first task is to take out the factory radio. Can anyone with an I30 help me with that? I got the vents out, found two screws on top that are holding the stereo. Now, how the hell do I get it out? I don't want to break anything. Is there something else holding it on the bottom, next to the ashtray?
    Thanks for your help guys.

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    google search got me this:
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*


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      Thanks a lot VCHAT, great site. For some reason my Infiniti is called J30 on their site tho.