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  • Panasonic Slot DVD/CDRW

    so, i purchased this a while back and had issues since the drive is up in front and the carputer is in the trunk. I have the external enclosure where the power comes through the PS2 cable. I noticed that the drive didnt work well because of power issues being that the cables needed to be too long.

    So, i did some searching and found that i could power the drive using the molex connection. I did exactly this. Ran a power and ground from the (red) and (black) from the molex.

    After wiring everything up and using 12 gauge wires, my opus 150w wouldn't power up. The green light wouldnt blink as usual. As soon as i pull the tapped power wire from the molex the opus starts up.

    Am i using the full wattage of the opus?
    If so, what other options if any do i have in powering my dvd drive.
    thanks guys

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    sounds like your opus is maxed out. mine did the same once i tried to power the usb from my opus 150. once i disconnected the usb hub, the pc fired up again.
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      thanks for the response. Now i need a new way to power this darn thing.

      Any ideas???


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          so, is there any other way of powering my dvd drive not using the opus?


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            Could use another power supply. So you have two. Have one control PC, one for periphials


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              You could get this should work for you

              mp3car infill g4


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                Originally posted by lagunatl2k
                You could get this should work for you

                That should work. It says it is capable of 1000ma (Thats 1 amp, by the way). You may need to to determine what the operating amperage of your Drive is, but that should be enough.

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                  so would i need to use the cig lighter or can i just wire it?
                  Thanks for the link Laguna.