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    I know there is a software forum, but its many sub-menus are confusing so Im going to post this here.

    I am just testing the water to see if anyone(s) would be interested in developing a Java based front end. I know the merrits and issues with working with java in a limited resource enviroment however a real cross platform community maintained (Source Forge?) front end would be very nice. Rather than waiting on 1 person to fix bugs the community could have many. This also gives a quicker turn around time on new modules, i.e. a new mapping software comes out, rearview cam, OBD-II... the list goes on.

    So this is a call to anyone with java or even Open-Source community development experience. Post in this thread let me know if anyone is interested. We can advertise elsewhere and try and get a project going with large community support.

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    I've started building a touchscreen library as I mention at in Java. I wanted to make the library very useful so that application developers could harness the ability to skin, optimize for touchscreens, etc without having to have a touchscreen, etc.
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      I would be totally behind this and willing ot do anyhtign thing i could to help. It would be really need if a java based platform independant modular front end were developed. The problem with the front ends out there right now is that nothign is compatible with anyhting else very easily. If somethign highly modular and java based were developed thigns could go a long way. If someone wants to control their air vent angle from their touchscreen they should be easly able to write a module to do this and it should work on all platforms.

      Stick to standards. Use XML for data trasfer etc.

      I'm not a wonderfully skilled java programmer but i do have some experience and i learn fast. I don't have too much time but i could help with the little that i have. I have done an extremely mild bit of work with Swing and a lil with 2dGraphics. I could certianly help with the more back end things.


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        Its not just compatability, its continued development too- if someone thats doing somethig on their own just gives up and decides not to update it anymore what do the users do? would be nice to see a common base to develop from however the first place to start in a project like this is arguing about the standards to work from


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          Yeah i did a frontend in java, but as what happens i gave up on it. But got it to do all the basics. still though, im sure it has a boat load of bugs and what not. And didnt really make it skinnable yet, although u could change everything with jpgs and settings file.

          Just a lil quick snapshot, yay found the program, and sorry for the pic
          Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) but i didnt want to take the time to change pic or font color. But u get the idea.
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            Java FE Progress???

            Not sure if this has progressed any lately but I would be interested.

            I know of several projects in Java already that may be used/modified to work in an automotive environment, for example;

            This is an mp3 player that is like WinAMP written in Java

            I believe there are some projects for embedding MPlayer in java

            There is also an elmscan app in java (not sure of the link)

            As for GPS i had a thought of using shape files as the map data (see the US Census publishes all of the USGS data here for free.
            Not sure if these are available for other countries but they should be...

            There are a few projects for reading them that might work as well;

            There are also a few GIS tool kits(libraries) for Java.

            I think I even saw a project which connects to a map server and downloads map images (regular or satellite) and then re-builds the images as a map as you navigate around.

            Not to mention any other app you can think of.

            I think there a few of us here that are developing our own Java front-end, how about collaborating together on a project?

            I like the idea of having an "Add-in" system capable of launching any jar file as well as native apps (though that might be more difficult).
            We may be able to use some of the technology used in (A Java X manager)
            or even
            and there is also but I think that would be too processor intensive for a carPC environment.

            There are a lot of resources out there that I think could be adapted to the CarPC world, if we could get a project going we could make some progress.

            just my thoughts,
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