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Good motherboard recommendation 800*480 straight out of box

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  • Good motherboard recommendation 800*480 straight out of box

    I finally got around to buying new hardware for my carputer.
    Brought the cheapest mother board i could find. the Gigabyte 8S661FXMP-RZ.
    Cost me $75 AUS.
    Its micro-atx, has onboard everything.
    Now the reason why i love this board is because, once you install the video drivers that come with the board for the onboard video. It supports 800*480 with no tweaking needed what so ever. Just go into the options and select it!

    No more hassels of powerstrip or trying to find special drivers.

    Just thought i'd share incase someones looking for a new board.

    To be more specific its the SIS661FX graphics chip, so if you want widescreen no hassels for you 7" look for SIS661FX.

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    I think any nForce chipset mobo with onboard graphic can do it without any hassels. It's just a mater of entering 800 and 480 or basically any resolution.
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