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  • Microsoft on the Move..

    just found this link..
    tought i'd share it with everyone..
    Microsoft Windows Automotive

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    wow ... watch the 'friends' video it has a tracking device built in. Pirate that OS and get cops following your ***. No way I would put that thing in my car, I'll wait until its cracked or just stick with my setup.


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      I didnt RTFA very thoroughly but to me this seems just like the microsoft version of the OEM in dash navigation systems in most new cars today. I doubt that the consumer will be able to get the hardware to run the OS themselves with any cost benefit.

      I for one will be sticking with centrafuse+iguidance
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        Damn Microsoft! I'd hate to have my whole car suddenly blink over to the blue screen of death. And if it's talking to my ECU, it may give new meaning to the term blue screen of DEATH.
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          Reminds me of the 98 demo:

          Plug n play:

          plug in your cellphone to charge, and your car sputters and shuts off.

          Your field of vision is filled with the color and taste of blue, and you pass out.
          (All done)
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            been posted a few times.
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              This has probably been posted before too, but it seems appropriate and gave me an excuse to read it again myself.



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                I had friends at Microsoft who actually wanted me to go work with that group doing integration tests and work with OEM customers. Too bad the girl didn't want me to move out to the west coast... oh well.
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                  Theyve been pushing their automotive system for a while
                  Saw it first at CES in 01 but have yet to see much developed using it. Most of it is just speculative features instead of actual usable features
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