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Stop worrying and turn it off!

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  • Stop worrying and turn it off!

    Like most posts in the other thread mentioned above say, it is impossible that a hard drive takes physical damage from being turned off.
    Files may get corrupted but that can be fixed by Scandisk. The FAT itself is much more resistant to improper shutdowns that ext2 (Linux) for example. (under DOS, you could shut the computer down without ever having heard of chkdsk ;-))

    I did the following "tweaks" to my Win95:
    Turn off the auto-scandisk (via TweakUI), or edit C:\MSDOS.SYS with an editor an add a line AutoScan=0 under [Options]
    Turn on "Delayed file operations" under "File Systems" in the Systems Tab
    Turn off ALL the virtual space (since I have 96MB with Windows95, everything works fine)

    Eventually the winamp.m3u gets corrupt and Winamp won't start up properly, but that can be fixed by Scandisk (or deleting the file)
    Besides this, I never had any problems with turning the computer off the "direct" way... although when Winamp is playing...


    btw: I translated the Windows options from a German system, don't know if they fit but I think you can guess it!

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