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Is my wiring diagram ok?

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  • Is my wiring diagram ok?


    I haven't bought any components yet, just researching the i created this wiring diagram to give me a better idea of how i'm going to put everything together.

    Can you have a little look at it when you get a chance and tell me if there are any mistakes or give me advice on a better setup (as this is my first).


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    Yes and NO...

    I'm MECP certified, and I don't understand the schematic. Well I do understand it, but, I have a question. Will the grounds be connected together? you have the amp and the PC case going to the same ground. Now that could just be for the schematic, but if there is one thing they teach you at school for audio/visual installs, is that you should try to limit your ground connections to 1 item per grounding post. So if possible, run a different cable to a different ground. Unless of course, you have a grounded block that you are going to connect everything to. If that's the case, make sure you have a very good ground connection. otherwise, you may get what is known as an arching sound, or where you turn on the car and the subwoofer "bumps" real quickly. As far as everything else, looks good. As for the 30 AMP fuse for the amplifier, are you sure that's going to be enough? I have a 1000X1 amp and I run at least 60 amps.


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      The 30a Fuse is the one that the amp wiring kit came with and is running at the moment.. maybe i should upgrade?

      I was thinking i should seperate the PC and Amp grounds... i'll probably move the amp ground to the right hand side where the low wattage cameras are grounded.

      Sound better?


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        You might have to connect all the grounds at some point any way. With what you have you have about five different grounding points...generally that can start some hanus groundloops and cause buzzing and other noise issues through the radio.

        That might not happen to you, but it's a possibility.


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          I don't know a lot about the electrical, but while it was probably assumed wanted to make sure of the following:

          1) Is the TFT/LCD USB only, or do you have to run a VGA cable to it as well?

          2) A lot of people have mentioned supplying power to the LCD via the 12v rail on the PSU in order to regulate it as well. I've read that the regulators on the LCDs may or may not be trusted.

          Anyone else have thoughts?


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            Yeah thanks for pointing that out, i wondered why i only had 3 cables coming out of the TFT.

            I could wire the TFT power from the PC but that means a long cable... buuut... i'd need a cable anyway.. might do it tha way


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              You missed an ign wire to the PC which you'll need if you're using a PSU with SDC.
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                thanks for pointing that out.. now i just need to work out how much wire i need lol :|