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Video card questions......

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  • Video card questions......

    I am about to buy a video card and I again am trying to save money wherever possible. And I am not much of a gamer so I don't know a ton about all of the cards.
    My motherboard is an intel se440bx-2 that is 1x agp compatible. I am assuming that the cards are backwards compatible. The card needs to be able to allow me to watch divx movies and play emulated games.

    That said, I am looking at the Diamond Stealth III s540 32mb card, and also a TNT2 32 mb card.

    Any recommendations are welcome, and thanks in advance for the help.

    (Sorry for the double post, I just realized this was the best place for this topic)

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    I have the TNT2 32mb w/ tv out. I play dvd's through it and used to play every game from oldschool warcraft1 to Unreal tournament.

    I have always been sketchy on Diamond cards. I've heard bad things about the drivers for them and compatibility with directX. But i cant testify to it.

    Nvidia is on top of the Video card industry. Id go with the TNT2.

    I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

    My way outdated website:

    FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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      Sweet! Thats exactly what I needed to hear. thanks a lot PoBoy!


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        And if you want to use the TNT2... this one is compatible with a lot of os'ses. With includes my favorite slack 7.1/8



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          Yeah, I agree, go for the TNT2...