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  • Taking the plunge


    Gutted the Range Rover completely, ready for retrim, system install etc.
    Ordering the system this week, consisting of :

    12" Resonant Engineering SE sub (someone local said 'it's crap because it's not Xpód!....)
    JBL 1201.1 for the sub
    JBL 75.2 to power Rainbow SLX 260 Deluxe components
    0 guage power wiring
    Carputer under passenger seat or in cubby hole
    8" LinITX screen from
    Pioneer IP bus to run the comp audio into DEHP2000 HU
    Reversing camera etc
    M1ATX (excuse omission of figures/letters lol)

    Just two questions - if I go sealed, what size would be good? 4+cuft?
    and can you just bypass the power switch (solder connections) and wire the screen to a 12v switched source, either from the M1ATX or from any other switched source and it'll power on?


    Screen goes in the green bit...and yeh, EVERYTHING came out
    Excuse the first one, phone @ 11pm
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    1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....

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    It looks like it will be a good install, from what you are putting into it.

    I think it would be good to rename the thread title and move it to the Worklog forum.

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      Yeah good luck!

      That depends on the screen that you get, many of the touchscreen LCD's can be modded to auto turn on when power is applied. So you could just power the LCD via your PSU and it will come on when the computer comes on.
      S60 Install


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        That's what I was planning.
        I'll start a worklog once the stuff arrives (convoluted way...friend has to order in the UK and then ship to Ireland....!) and am taking things slow.
        Having a V8 at 17 is quite unheard of in Ireland, and I've got around that one by (in the process of) converting it to a commercial vehicle, and even more unheard of is actually having a nice system , Max Power generation eh?

        going for a beige+black interior scheme...what you think?
        1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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          gonna look good
          S60 Install


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            It's so therapeutic to strip the old girl down and tend to what needs to be done, rust filling etc. Also when everything goes in again, at least I'm safe in the knowledge that everything's secure..the drivers' seat wasn't bolted properly, and hence was rocking forward whenever you leant that way...! Old rusty bolts are going to be replaced, broken trim filled...the works.

            At least I'm not out shooting up...albeit a complete Landy anorak. At least the missus likes V8 burble lol.

            1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....