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Rockford Fosgate joins the MP3 revolution

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  • Rockford Fosgate joins the MP3 revolution
    Pros: Extremely small, easy to use box.
    Cons: Requires an RF head unit, large MMC cards can get pretty expensive.

    Crutchfield has a special where you can buy the older RF head unit and this mp3 changer for $400US. I did not see it on their website, but it is in their Summer 2000 catalog.

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    The Rockford Fosgate mp3 player is a step in the right direction, but it still lacks many features. The fisrt bad thing about it is that for the list proce of $400 bundled with a crappy face, you get the player with a whopping 8mbs. It does in fact have something like 6-8 memory (flash memory I think ) slots but it only comes with enough room for 2 songs. Its really lame. It should come with 32 AT LEAST.


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      Jeesh for a few dollars more they should have made it take a laptop harddrive. Low voltage and able to take the abuse!