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  • mambo-x got some news for you

    i wrote the people who make mambo-x at got a response :
    To whom it may concern, this will be my last attempt to get any information from your company. I have tried many times to e-mail you about your product (mambo-x) and you have not e-mailed back. Why? Did you go out of business? Did you stop making the mp3 cd player? What are the current specs on this item now? What is the current price? Who are current online vendors that will be selling this item? what is the current list of retail electronic /audio stores that will be carrying this item? It seems to me that your only letting a select few know about the status of your product. I think that is unfair to the consumer that will make your company very popular in the mp3 market or very unpopular. I would not be e-mailing you this if I could get any answers from you or the online vendors that will be carrying your product. They all refer to your web site for current shipping date on your items. If you ever took the time to look at your site you would see that your news section for all practical reason I should go to for current information on your products has not been updated since November 8,1999. Me as a consumer in the targeted market that your are aiming for like others realize that there are other companies coming out with similar if not better products that will suit my needs if your company can not suit them. I know this you may have heard this before but if you set up a forum on your site then you will be able to keep anyone and everyone informed on the status and get any likes and dislikes on your products and the features they have or don't have. Please response so I know that this e-mail was read and not trashed. After all if the consumer is your target then I think that every possible step should be taken to keep them up to date and informed by the simplest means you have at you disposal that would be your web site.

    he wrote back with :
    Direct411 and Sparco will receive their shipment next week.

    true or not at least i got some kind of answer