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the current mambo-x news straight from the website

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  • the current mambo-x news straight from the website

    just in case you deont know where the site is (yeah right):

    From: Jason Moh, Director of Product Marketing
    To: All Mambo-X Enthusiasts

    As you are reading this letter, our first shipment of Mambo-X P300 is already on the way to distributors worldwide.

    I have waited for this moment much longer than anyone has. From the time development started in February of 1999, to the time it was announced in October of 1999, to now, the Mambo-X is shipping. I have to admit that there were difficulties with technical issues all along that caused our schedule to fall behind. Those issues never stopped us from putting Mambo-X into the market.

    I have received an average of 300 e-mails a day ever since we announced Mambo-X. Among these e-mails, I have seen cheerful encouragement, questions, and also many doubtful criticisms. Recently, many of you have been eagerly expressing your anxiety, frustration or anger to me in person, and posting (mostly) negative comments on message boards. But, I chose not to defend these comments until Mambo-X is shipped. I've always considered those comments as just stating how badly people want to have this product. In fact, there was really nothing for me to tell; besides that many technical difficulties were causing more delays. I don't think posting those problems in detail on the web is a good idea.

    The specifications are different than we originally announced. The design and look are different also. That's because we did a complete redesign after we determined that one major defect would consistently affect the audio output. Unfortunately, that was after we announced the product. Most of our distribution customers understand what skill and technical ability is needed to produce a product like Mambo-X, and they contribute continuous support to us. They have waited patiently, and they will receive the support and allocation they deserve.

    Mambo-X does not stop at P300. The in-dash version of Mambo-X (C300) will be in production soon. For those of you that have been supportive of Mambo-X all this time, I thank you for your patience and appreciate your business.

    We value your support, and will use it as a foundation to develop more innovative products like the Mambo-X. This is only the beginning.


    Jason Moh
    Tagram System Corp.