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rca is going to kick *** with this player ....

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  • rca is going to kick *** with this player ....

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    r a t i n g

    Company Profile:

    Thomson/Rca is one of the largest electronics makers in the world. Seeing how RCA helped develop the mp3 standard, it has been one of the first large companies to embrace mp3. Their first mp3 player the Lyra, has some security isues that seemed a bit too much. Hopefully this next generation of players will fare better.


    The RP2410 is RCA's portable mp3-CD player. It can play CDR's and CDRW's burned with mp3s along with regular audio CD's. Because, this player can play mp3-CD's there is not the extra security hassle the Lyra suffered from.

    What sets the RCA mp3-CD player apart though is the little detials. It has a 45 second ESP, it can resume, it has battery saving features, but most importantly a multi-lin graphic LCD display!

    With mp3-CD players (which can hold over 150 mp3 songs per CD) the need for easy navigation is essential. With a graphic LCD and the ability to navigate eight levels of sub-folders, the RCA player finally achieves this goal.

    MamboX touted off the same features as the RCA player, but it seems RCA will be the one following through. The price is right, the features are right, this player is a winner! My dad has been pestering me about which portable mp3-CD player he should buy: Dad, this is the one!

    RP2410 home page.

    if you want to look at it go here to check it out