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  • Help with IrMAN / Evation

    Hey guys (and girls) out there, is anybody in contact with evation? I need help to contact them. I ordered an IrMan last June (I received the confirmation the 14/06) but haven't received a thing.

    I waited a month and a half, then started to send e-mails, but with no answer. Of course my card was billed the day after. I really want a IR receiver, but found nothing else to buy, also I'm not specially liking to lose $30...

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Javier Medina.

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    sorry i cant help you about it but take a look on ebay or any of the online auctions
    my brother brought a ir receiver and remote for $60au not bad price really

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      Thanks, but I'm affraid to face the same problem again. You see, I live in Mexico and I don't know why, everybody send their shipments here in plain air-mail (from US) or charge too much for DHL. I ordered some LCD's from TimeLine the 8th of July, and received them the 6th of August. Well, nobody said this was going to be easy...